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“This is the hero’s journey. The interviewees are the teachers and the guides. There’s the invitation and the calling, these horrible things that happened. Full Heart Living is the return of the wisdom that Tom learned along the way.”
~Patty Hlava, PhD, LMFT, author of Cultivating Gratitude and Living Gratitude
Patty Hlava, PhD, LMFT,

Happiness Videos

Happiness Webisode: Tom Glaser on Relationships & Connectedness

Happiness Webisode: Tom Glaser on Meditation & Mindfullness

Happiness Webisode: Tom Glaser on Resilience & Health

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In addition to offering an overview of FHL, this Living a Richer Life Radio interview explores how we connect more deeply with others and distinguishing between mindfulness and self-centeredness.  

Listen to the interview here.


Following this Palm Springs, CA, interview, KMIR-TV host Thalia told me she learned how important deep listening is in cultivating happiness.


What a pleasure to be with Charlotte, NC television station WJZY.


See how I handle the curve balls thrown on Charlotte, NC radio station WRHI-AM. (I'm not complaining, mind you. Just sayin' I wasn't expecting these questions!)


Here I announce a series of free or minimal-cost workshops offered at various Twin Cities senior centers.

Full Heart Living Author Tom Glaser Appears on Twin Cities Live on KSTP TV 

Here's Full Heart Living on KSTP-TV's Twin Cities Live. After the show, we panelists taped a second discussion that can be viewed on Twin Cities Live's Facebook page.


Full Heart Living on Detroit's FOX-2 TV. How well do you think the hosts get along?!  



Here's recording of a live interview right after the 2016 election on WPHM Radio in Port Huron, Michigan. 


Rochester author shares tips for happiness with a ‘Full Heart’. The Oakland Press in Oakland County, Michigan. 


Here's one of my first live TV interviews, on KARE-11 TV in Minneapolis. Thank goodness Pat Evans is so good at his job! 

Tom with Pat Evans on KARE 11