I haven't done enough.

george-floyd-mural-kb-main-200604_b0c61392a1266cffc3891d8de322a24_20200623-192414_1 George Floyd Memorial. Say his name.
"I can't breathe."  These were among George Floyd's last words, choked out before his life ended under the knee of a white police officer. "I can't breathe." Words that have since appeared on countless news sites, on graffiti under bridges, on t-shirts, on handmade placards at rallies around the globe. "I can't breathe." Words now synonymous w...
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Making Lemonade

"How about we replace the term 'social distancing' with 'physical distancing'?" Event cancellations. Travel restrictions. Empty supermarket sections. All can create a sense of surrealism, disconnection, and fear. At times of heightened worry and uncertainty, human connection is more essential than ever. Yet we are told to practice "social distance....
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Recapturing the Lost Art of the Phone Call

"To thrive, real human connection, the kind where we share something important and both walk away feeling uplifted, is essential." It had been a long day of work and meetings. Needing something to tide me over until dinner, I'm pulling out brown-rice crackers and hummus when my phone rings. Up pops a photo of my longtime friend Nancy, who now lives...
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One Size Does Not Fit All

"While it can be tempting to rely on one tried-and-true strategy for facing life's challenges, it's better to match the method with the current need."   Nearing the end of a long midsummer run, I notice I'm at the bottom of yet another hill. My shoulders droop. My body sags. It's not a particularly steep climb, but it's a long one. Tempta...
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"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of suffering." ~Helen Keller   As she made herself comfortable on the couch opposite me, a 30-something client mentioned that she had passed a tent city on her way in. "Compared to poverty and homelessness, are my concerns worth addressing?" she wondered aloud.  T...
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