Readers Praise Full Heart Living

Full Heart Living is so personal, touching, and engaging. Tom’s personal connection and stories felt like a conversation with someone I love about something I love.”

— Paige

I often didn’t come to reading Full Heart Living from a particularly happy place. I felt myself becoming happy and delighted simply by reading Tom’s voice.”

— Candace

I thought this was a great way of tapping the happiness term; Full Heart Living  explains why all these things work to create this feeling we all strive for.”

— Jac

I’ve read so many books in the academic realm. Full Heart Living  provides a refreshing jolt. I was drawn in in a way I haven’t from a book in a long time.”

— Patty

I’ve never read a book having anything to do with psychology or happiness. Full Heart Living provides a really good explanation of what those things are and how you put them into practice.”

— Joe

The people in Full Heart Living became very real to me. I still think and worry about them.”

— Kit

... an outstanding job of presenting a difficult topic in a personal, accessible, entertaining, and very helpful way.”

— Barb

Full Heart Living is a treasure of authentic, practical advice for living a happy life. Personal stories about achieving happiness interwoven with the author's own insights make for an uplifting and inspirational read.” 

— Vicky

Tom Glaser is warm, funny, and wise, and so is his new book." 

— Kit

Full Heart Living weaves together complex and nuanced ideas while remaining light and conversational. Tom has managed to synthesize even familiar concepts in a way that is new and valuable, presenting them with a sense of presence and immediacy that is delightful. Plus, the 'Putting It  Into Practice' sections are a stroke of genius."

— Nicole

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