Minding the Muse: Happiness Videos

Here’s how these videos became the foundation for Full Heart Living.

A few years ago, I'm on my way out the door from the studio of my on-camera acting coach when a thought occurs to me. "There must be some way to combine my on-camera work with my passion for studying happiness." The Muse heard my call. In a flash, she responds: "You can produce documentaries on happiness." Before I know it, along with a camera crew, I usher four of the happiest people I know into my home. For one glorious day I have the pleasure of talking with joyful people, hearing what makes them tick—and I have never been happier.

Toward the end of that day, on a break from filming, I step out on my back porch. Savoring the cool spring air and drinking in the sight of the thick, newly grown green grass, I am suffused with contentment. If I am this happy from talking with happy people about their happiness, I think, it’s probably true for others, as well. Wouldn’t we all benefit from dialoguing with happy people, hearing what they do that makes them happy?

A moment later, I feel a jolt of electricity in my spine as the Muse returns. What my interviewees are telling me needs to be shared with a broader audience, she instructs. For years I had known one day I was going to write a book. At last I knew what that book would be about! 

From there, I set out to videotape more exceptionally happy people, write a book that covers the lessons I am learning, and share the profound experience of the process itself. See for yourself the magic that results in the very act of sitting with happy people and connecting deeply with them through talking about happiness.

The first webisode addresses Relationships, and the second Mindfulness. The third explores Resilience and Health.

Relationships and Connectedness

Here is my first Happiness Video: Relationships and Connectedness.

Meditation and Mindfulness

My second happiness webisode addresses Meditation and Mindfulness.

Resilience and Health

Dr. Emmons reviews the 7 Sources of Resilience, which provide the foundation for happy living.