Full Heart Living Conversation Sparks Relationship Card Game

Conversation Sparks is a fun, interactive card game that helps you build lasting connections with friends and family.  Improve your relationships through meaningful conversations or enhance your own self-discovery.

  • DEEPEN CONNECTIONS WITH FRIENDS – 102 full color interactive Conversation Sparks cards ask insightful questions to help better understand your friends and loved ones’ desires and aspirations.
  • ENHANCE SELF-DISCOVERY – Use the cards as engaging daily journal writing prompts to probe deeper into what matters most in your life.
  • BRING MEANING TO CONVERSATIONS – Take a break from the usual chats about sports or weather and discover instead what makes your loved ones really tick by sharing with each other what you deeply value.
  • IMPROVE LISTENING SKILLS – Simple instructions include guidance for listening techniques that can be used one-on-one or in group settings.
  • BUILD TRUST WITH YOUR LOVED ONES – Make your next car trip with family or friends an incredible growth experience where you learn more about each other and deepen your connections.

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Fun Interactive Card Game to Build Lasting Connections with Friends and Family
Improve Relationships Through Meaningful Conversations